Scans business cards in seconds and adds to address book in one touch

ScanBiz Mobile Solutions - December 20, 2009
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Publisher's description

ScanBizCards scans business cards - or any image: add to the address book, forward the contact information to a friend or connect on LinkedIn - all in one touch! Processing is done right on your phone, nothing is sent over the network.

Add: view the text elements, touch them up if necessary, then add the new contact to your iPhone address book with one touch.

Act: Actionable items, such as phone numbers, email addresses and web pages, are highlighted on the image. Touch to call, email or browse on the spot!

Connect: forward the new contact information to a colleague as text + the image of the card + a VCF attachment. Send a LinkedIn invite without leaving the application! (available in the full version only)

Important notice about the current version: do not use the rotate button before scanning the image, it is meant to re-orient the image after scanning, and only in the infrequent cases where we fail to properly determine the text orientation.

ScanBizCards is not limited to scanning business cards. Try it on:
* Billboards
* Signs in store windows
* Take-out menus
* A picture of a TV screen
* Any printed matter

Note: this app is NOT suitable for the iPhone 3G unless equipped with a close-up lense such as the Griffin Clarifi Case, to allow taking pictures of small text at close range, as required to scan business cards.

Important: please note that recognizing characters in an image is not an error-free process; many business cards may require a few manual corrections before adding the information to the address book. Results are highly sensitive to image quality; sharp, bright images are required. Please visit for photo tips and sample business card images suitable for scanning.

We currently support English text only.

Minimum requirements

• Requires iPhone 3GS or 3G with Griffin Clarifi Case

Trial limitations

• Lite version available limited to one address book save per week

Additional info

Operating system: iOS

Release date: 2009-12-19

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